SEPT28_grace_810Custom posters designed by artist Kal Barteski

You Are AwesomeBeautiful, personal + meaningful.

CUSTOMIZABLE and unique – YOU ARE AWESOME ART PRINTS + wearable art are the perfect gifts! For YOU. For babies, kids, old folks, regular folks, girlfriends, husbands, BFFs, and anyone else you you know to be AWESOME. Or amazing. Or (insert your favourite adjective here).

TRY IT! Pick your favourite design and give us your names, words and colour choices. You’ll receive a beautiful, uniquely-yours, custom art print designed by artist Kal Barteski. Printed on luxurious MATTE paper, your poster is ready to frame, gift or keep.

WHEN YOU SEE YOUR NAME IN PRINT – you believe the words.

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The YOU ARE AWESOME art prints story…


The YOU ARE AWESOME art prints story began in 2009 when Kal Barteski, an artist with a strange name, designed a simple poster for her daughter with a strange name. Having a unique name is a gift – unless, of course you’re looking for a gift with your name on it. Seeing your name in print – validates you in a way that’s like a hug for your brain: YOU ARE AWESOME. You are capable of amazing and daring things. You have people in your corner. You are loved and WORTHY. Sometimes, all it takes are a few beautiful, truthful words next to your name – to change your life.

“I wanted you to SEE YOUR NAME and feel like a living, breathing important part of the world because YOU ARE. Suddenly YOUR NAME would be next to an amazing, transformative word: like AWESOME. Or LOVED. Or Amazing. Brilliant. Wanted. Real. WORTHY. Kind. Smart. Adventurous. Courageous. Creative. Inspiring. Mighty. Caring. Heard. IMPORTANT.”  ~Kal Barteski, (February 2009)

Since their release, the YOU ARE AWESOME personalized art prints have found homes in 17 countries around the world. They have been translated into 8 different languages. They have been brought back numerous times by popular demand. They have made TV appearances. They have been hung in classrooms, homes, universities, prisons and hospitals. Brené Brown is a fan! They have touched hearts, inspired dreams and spanned generations. These humble art prints are a testament to just how important it is to feel valued.

When you see your name in print YOU BELIEVE THE WORDS.


What people are saying

Kiri writes:

“To Kal – thank you for the personalized art prints! They arrived today and they are even nicer than I expected!”

Logan writes:

“Dear Kal. When I came home from school today my mom put my poster in my room and it made me feel proud because it said I am incredible. That is cool. I like the monkey.”

Meghan writes:

“Hello Kal!! I wanted to let you know that my sister loves the poster you did for her. She’s been feeling low and this was the perfect way for us to remind her that she is an amazing person.”

Dave writes:

“Nobody ever told me I was awesome before. Or loved. Or anything but a screw up so seeing my name on a poster was real hard to get used to. I look at it a lot.”

How to order personalized art prints

CHOOSE your favourite design and then CHOOSE your personal options (each design has easy-to-follow menus).

We’ll create a free digital proof for your approval so you can see how awesome your creation is about to become! When we hear back from you with your approval – your beautiful, customized art print will be printed on luxurious matte paper and sent in the mail. Together, we will create art that is beautiful + meaningful.

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